The Siegmunds Hof Student’s Residential Complex was built in 1961 and lies near the university nestled between the Spree and Tiergarten districts. By popular request from residents and other students, the commissioned architect’s office “Susanne Hofmann Architekten BDA” developed the versatile domestic shapes and ground plans, as well as a fantastic, ecological landscape, which is in line with today’s concepts of a healthy, environmentally conscious form of coexistence and cohabitation. As a result, an idyllic retreat was created for the students. Particular eye-catchers are the pink coloured seating elements that are made of architectural concrete and feature light-reflecting surfaces. The renovation project included the production of 8 elements, weighing around 10 tonnes each, which were manufactured in Hering’s own precast plant and mounted on site at the complex. The optical highlight of the concrete furniture is the innovative, light-reflecting surface of BlingCrete™. Thanks to the coloured micro glass beads, which are embedded in the concrete, the incidence of both natural sunlight and artificial light brings the surfaces of the concrete elements to life. Project architect Daniel Hülseweg of the Susanne Hofmann Architekten company exclaims: “We are delighted that we were able to use BlingCrete™, which is a new and innovative material, for the design of the outdoor facilities. The optical effects change according to various degrees of light incidence to create a real eye-catcher!”

Project: Renovation of the Student’s Residential Complex in Siegmundshof, Berlin
Architect: Susanne Hoffmann Architekten BDA & die Baupiloten
Completion: June 2012
BlingCrete™ – Giant Seating Furniture
Manufacturer: Hering Bau GmbH & Co. KG
Photographs: Phillip Winkelmeier