Birkhäuser`s ”Smart Surfaces and their Application in Architecture and Design” is presenting BlingCrete™ as as a new development in the field of surface technologies that will influence the ways in which materials can be used in architecture, interior design and design. The book is about the process of creating smart surfaces, leading via the perception of the associated phenomena to the understanding of surface as an approach to design. “Smart Surfaces” is a multi-dimensional research in the field of new materials – functional surfaces in design and architecture, that expands the range of design options available to architects and designers and, more importantly, their use leads to new concepts which can also meet the changing requirements of buildings and design.

„The topics addressed are all written in great detail, have been closely researched and, as it were, networked at the multi-tasking level. Thorsten Klooster (…) has written a specialist work that offers more than an overview of existing (surface) technologies, as it provides a very scientific account of them.” S. Becker, Smart Surfaces – from form to content and back again.