BlingCrete™ offers high design potential, that derives from the production process. Basically, the building process and use are comparable to known procedural manners of prefabricated elements. Part of BlingCrete™ are novel High Performance and Ultra High Performance Concretes that are used: With these the adhesive composition of the glass beads and their position in the matrix can be controlled precisely. They could be positioned in any grid or pattern or in a random distribution on the surface, the colour of the matrix could be produced in a greyscale variety from white to anthracite (i. e. black), and colours like yellow, red, green etc. The sizes of the beads range from 0,7 mm to 7 mm, with 2 mm as a standard size. Combinations of sizes are possible.

The parameters resulting from the two main components, matrix and spheres, affect the appearance and properties of the surface:

There is not one BlingCrete™, but several.